Lavender Deodorant Spray

Uniik Organica's Natural Spray Deodorant is 100% Natural, aluminum-free, chemical free, and never tested on animals!

This spray deodorant is also alcohol free so it won't dry and irritate the skin. Effective, and long lasting - one of Uniik Organica's best sellers - mildly scented with Lavender essential oil.

Use it to help with:
  • Existing odour
  •  Foot and body odour
  • Odours from socks, shoes, clothing, etc.
  • Wear it instead of perfume
  • Use it to freshen up yoga mat, hockey bag, etc.
Organic witch hazel distillate, distilled water, glycerin, polysorbate 20, lavender essential oil, silver ion

Mist 2-3 times under each arm.

Absorbs easily and begins working instantly. Not sticky and won’t clog pores or stain clothes.

For external use only.