Meet Denise Penczak

highest level of product quality and freshness

The seeds for Uniik Organica were sewn in Brantford, Ontario, where Denise’s mother, a formally trained midwife, used natural homemade healing preparations for her patients and her children. "I grew up with herbal preparations simmering on the stove. It really fascinated me that these formulations that my mom made would heal us. When I gave birth to my daughter my mom had me in a herbal bath. I healed very quickly, and it was at this time, now with my own children, that I started exploring, and preparing my own formulations."

In 2002, now living in Courtenay, British Columbia, Denise was searching for a natural eczema product for her son and a non-irritating natural sun screen for her daughter. "My daughter had reactions to the organic natural sunscreens that I purchased, and after some research I developed my own sunscreen that worked for her sensitive skin."

Denise and her family moved to Quebec in 2010 to be closer to family, and in 2012, Denise was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. It was during the subsequent journey that she explored and developed natural products for herself for relief of “restless legs”, skin eruptions, and sore joints. Her formulations were very successful. In the following years Denise took up beekeeping, and incorporated the bees wax, propolis, and honey in to her formulations. Friends and family began successfully using her products for foot numbness and hand pain. Some of her satisfied customers were highly regarded health care professionals, including physicians in Quebec and Dr. David Bridger in British Columbia. They encouraged Denise to share her success with the rest of the world. It was then Denise realized she had something “unique” and so the story of Uniik Organica began.

"I pride myself on using natural and ORGANIC ingredients. All products are small batch, and hand made, ensuring the highest level of product quality and freshness."